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What are the fabric of shoe material made of?-6629金沙快速充值-js3333.com

Date:2017-5-15 15:49

1., linen: is a kind of plant fiber, known as cool noble fiber, its good hygroscopicity, moisture is also fast, not easy to produce electrostatic heat conduction, rapid cooling, in cool, sweat is not personal, more resistant to washing, good heat resistance.

2.: animal protein fiber, silk, natural, smooth and soft, rich luster, a warm feeling, the friction phenomenon when there is "unique", Ming wire extension good, good heat resistance, not salt erosion, should not use chlorine bleach or detergent.

3., viscose: material chemical material processing in wood, cotton linter, reed containing natural cellulose into, is also often called artificial cotton, with basic properties of natural fibers, dyeing properties, good fastness, soft fabric, more than major, good hygroscopicity, good drape, wearing cool, not easy to produce static electricity, fuzzing and pilling.

4. Crude ester fiber: from cellulose containing natural material by chemical processing, Ken silk style, wearing light and comfortable, good elasticity and resilience, performance, not washed, poor color fastness.

5. To polyester polyester fiber, has excellent elasticity and resilience, fabric crisp, not wrinkle, shape preserving, high strength, good elasticity, durable wear and excellent light fastness, but easy to produce static electricity and dust hygroscopic.

6. Nylon: polyamide fiber, also known as nylon, dyeing in synthetic fiber is better, wearing light, and good waterproof and windproof performance, high wear resistance, strength, flexibility is very good.

7. PP: like the appearance of Mao Rong silk or cotton, waxy feel and luster, elasticity and resilience is generally not easy to wrinkle the proportion of small, light, comfortable clothing Xinghao, faster transfer of sweat to keep skin comfort, strength wear resistance are good durable, not high temperature.

8. Spandex: good elasticity, also known as elastic fiber, also known as Lycra, good elasticity, smooth feel, moisture absorption is small, good weather resistance and chemical resistance, machine washable, poor heat resistance.

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