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Warmly celebrate the Beibaoke shoes website online!-澳门金沙游艺9515.com-42015.com

Date:2017-6-13 16:15

Warmly celebrate the Beibaoke shoes website online!

Quanzhou Beibaoke shoes limited liability company is located in one of the China famous footwear production base and the largest shoe market in Fujian city of Quanzhou Province, is a professional R & D, production and sales of insoles, available from R & D, tooling, production, testing, packaging and distribution of one-stop full service ability. Has been guided by the market, to meet consumer demand for the mission, the use of modern design concept, professional production of various kinds of products: breathable molded insoles insoles, insoles, insoles, plastic elastic power insoles, insoles, insoles, breath sandwich environmental protection insole (coconut beard, cork insole), leather insole, silica gel insoles, EVA insoles, shoes insoles, insoles, insoles and shoe differentiation corresponding to various EVA cold and hot pressing shoe accessories. In addition to providing a wide variety of insoles to customers to choose from, we also undertake sample customized business, to provide customers with the most comprehensive insoles supporting services for footwear enterprises to improve competitiveness to help!

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