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Opening of the first China (Chengdu) International leather and shoes materials exhibition-www.81266.com-81876.com

Date:2017-5-15 15:47

Huaxi Dushi Bao (reporter Xie shore) March 19th, the first China (Chengdu) International leather shoes exhibition in China ladies' shoes opened, more than 200 coastal and local excellent shoe manufacturers exhibitors. The exhibition is organized by the Sichuan Leather Industry Association, Sichuan Footwear Association, Sichuan province Shoe Association (chips), Chengdu Footwear Association, Guangzhou City, Chongqing City Chamber of Commerce leather shoes Footwear Association, butterfly news and Chinese shoes are · boutique shoes city jointly organized into coastal quality shoes.

"The two big shoe bases in Southwest China suffer from insufficient raw material supply and no one hand shoe material available. The upgrading and brand building of shoe enterprises are seriously lagging behind. In recent years, they have been unable to compete with the footwear industry in Guangzhou and Wenzhou. Chengdu shoes enterprises are seriously losing customers and orders." This exhibition is the main organizer of Sichuan shoes are commercial investment management limited liability company chairman Peng Jun introduced this year by the Sichuan and Chongqing Industry Association and the operation platform jointly hosted the first session of China (Chengdu) International leather shoe exhibition. The shoe material enterprises participating in this exhibition are the most representative manufacturers in the field of shoes materials in China, representing the top technology and the latest trends of China's shoes materials.

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